Contest’s Rules Expo Modelista 2014

ALMERIA 2014, February 7, 8 and 9

Almería Modelismo announces the modelling show-contest, Expo Modelista 2014.

The main aim of this contest is to valuated the overall work of the individual modeller, avoyding competition among the entered pieces, so that the Expo Modelista consists on a Display competition.

There is also an Exposition category in the Expo Modelista, for those modellers who only want to show their work. Within this category the models will be only shown, so that tey will be out of the competition. They Exposition models are configured to the present rules and requirements.


A/ Aviation

E/ Vignettes and dioramas

F/ Figures

M/ Military vehicles

V/ Miscellanea – Others


In each Categorie, two divisions are stablished, Standard an Advanced.

Standard: Medium level, beginners and junior modellers. (Junior: competitors to 16 years old)

Advanced: Experienced modellers.

The advanced division’s, figures category, is divided into: Painting and modelling-transformation. The former will valuate the painting work of commercial figures, and the second will valuate the scratch building, transformations and the modelling.


  • The modeller will decided wich is the most appropiate Division to inscribe his models, according to his level.
  • All the models and figures will be fixed to a base, with or without ground, for a correct manipulation by the Organisation.
  • Each modeller can only inscribe a Display by category, but he could participate in different categories.
  • In every category there will be as many gold, silver and bronze prices as modellers get the necessary punctuation to obtain it.
  • Every modeller will obtain only one price per display.
  • The jury will have faculty not to give gold, silver or bronze award if they consider that the Displays don’t have level enough.
  • Among the models competing in the same category, the best one will be awarded.
  • In case that no gold award are given in the advanced category, there will not be a Special ward in that cathegorie, neither advanced nor standard.
  • The displays at the contest will be identificated with the author´s name.
  • In the A (Aviation) and M (Military vehicles) categories, figures of the crew will be allow. This figures don´t add extra punctuation to the plane or the vehicle.
  • The Junior models will be well differenced. The jury will consider with special care this models.
  • The information provided by the author about the brand, model of the kit, transformations, etc. will help the jury in their work.
  • One of the most important aspect in the model evaluation will be the fidelity, detail an paint job compared with the real one.
  • The organization will have the faculty to reclassify the pieces.
  • The organization will have the faculty to desqualified any piece. The jury decisions will be unappealable.
  • The organization will not be responsible for he damage that models might suffer, but they will take care of them.
  • The organization will not be responsible of those models that have not been withdrawal in the given time.
  • The organization reserves for itself the right to photograph, video recording or whichever other method for diffusion in the media.


  • The models can be entered the friday 7 from 17 to 20:30 hours, and saturday 8 from 10:00 to 13:00 hours.
  • The withdrawal of models, with the identificative ticket, will take place on sunday 9, after the close of the exposition and awards ceremony. (Estimated award ceremony time 13:00 hours. Withdrawal time 14:00 hours).
  • The participants, for their attendance, will accept and respect the rules.
  • The exposition is free entry.


  • Online inscription 3 euros per model. Max. 15 euros. From the sixth piece on, free.
  • Presencial inscription 4 euros per model. Max. 20 euros. From the sixth piece on, free.
  • Juniors free inscription.
  • The inscription will be for an individual participant and display. There will be a max. of 10 pieces per inscription.

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